Do you remember your first kiss?

Do you remember your first kiss?
Do you remember your first kiss?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

No happy medium as Psychic Sally's 'sidekick' prompts outrage

Thanks to the Irish Independant for this one...

More than 2,000 people watched TV star Sally Morgan, alias 'Psychic Sally', seeming to make contact with the spiritual world at the sell-out performance Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre recently.
However, callers to RTE's 'Liveline' yesterday allege a voice at the back of the auditorium was relaying information to the 58-year-old while she was on stage.
"The first half of the show went really well but when the second half started we could clearly hear a man's voice coming from the window behind us," caller 'Sue' told 'Liveline' yesterday.
"Everything he said, the psychic would say 10 seconds later. It was as if she was having the information relayed to her."
The audience member said a number of people in her row heard the man speaking, but when an usher heard him, the window closed and the voice disappeared.
Stephen Faloon, the theatre's general manager, last night denied anything underhand was going on and said the voice heard by the audience belonged to two 'follow-spot operators' working for the theatre, and not Ms Morgan.
"These two guys, Stuart McKeown and Mick Skelly, are professional light technicians who were working for us, and unfortunately because a window had been left open, were heard talking.

"But as soon an usherette heard them talking, and informed her supervisor, the window closed and the talking stopped.
"It was a slight distraction but that was the chain of events on Sunday night."
The theatre stressed it would "never be a part of any scam", or attempt to "mislead" its audience.
A spokesman for Sally Morgan Enterprises yesterday refuted the suggestion that the medium was being fed information during the Dublin show.
"There are absolutely no plants on Sally's show. This is her gift and she has been sharing it for years with audiences and doesn't need to do that," said the spokesman.
The theatre said it had received "no complaints".
"The only complains were about how long the queue was to meet Sally after the show. We were expecting 300 people and we got 700, which is a record here," added Mr Faloon.
Ms Morgan describes herself as 'Britain's Best Loved Psychic' and has said that her "psychic life" began before she could even walk.
"I heard voices when I was only nine months old. I saw my first spirit or ghost when I was just four," she says on her website.
From a psychic practice that she first ran from home, the mother of three has gone on to star in television programmes for ITV and Sky.
She has penned two bestselling books on her life and work.
A third book on death has just been published.
In 2008 it was claimed that the Londoner had a waiting list of 72,000 people for her time.

Kinda goes to prove what I've been saying for the last 30 years - that all "psychics" are actually charlatans.  And don't even get me started on so called "Astrologers".